tape core examples

Magnetic Metals manufactures tape wound toroidal cores and other shapes for transformers, inductors, drive transformers, saturable reactors, magnetic amplifiers, current transformers, converters and inverters.

Magnetic Metals offers a wide range of sizes and materials for tape wound toroidal cores. Almost any size can be made for minimum tooling costs. A wide selection of cases or coating materials are available to meet your requirements.

Available Materials: MicrosilTM (grain-oriented silicon steel .001", .002", .003", .004", .006", .007", .009", .011", and .012"); Square 50 (50% nickel-iron .001", .002", .004", .006" and .012"); SuperPermTM 80 (80% nickel-iron, .001", .002", .004", .006" and .012"). Also available are Cobalt Iron, SupermalloyTM, amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys.

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Tape Wound Toroidal Core Design Manual